“A Conversation…”

A conversation…


Just a spend of time..!!

Together started…

Maybe together it will end.


Maybe we have to change our routes..

Many things to say,

Many things are awaiting to reveal….

Some feelings are lost!!

But some are burried deep inside…

Some have passwords…


Some are too tricky to say..!!

We had a time..

We had a spark…!!

Maybe it’s lost in some crowd..

Or maybe..,

It’s a trick of time!!

But those moments,

Will be cherished forever..!!


Some will lost their way!!

But some will be…In our hearts forever!!

Those…Tricky notes..

Those gestures of Pain..!!!

I promise,

We will find a way!!

Maybe..There will be no sunshine!


Maybe….They are not meant for us!!


I promise,

We will collapse “You and I”…,

To recreate the phase of “Us”..!!


A small collaboration by…

Me.. & Ishika.. 🍁


Make it Ultra Blogger Award..


First of all… Thanks  Harshu  for nominating me… 😀

About the award…

The MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers for quality content, originality and presentation. The intention of this award is to encourage connectivity and support in the blogging community and to increase exposure for individual bloggers.


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MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award questions –

» What is your name?

 •  Abhijeet Ghosh

» Where are you from?

• Gaya, Bihar

» How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

• It’s been 10 months..But mainly 6… 😉 . I started after being told by someone special.. 😀 . But just wanna try in blogging field.. 🙂

» What are you most proud of? 

• My silent knowledge about technology.. 😀

» What are your blogging goals?

• My blogging goals are mainly to connect with people around and also to improve my blogging knowledge by reading others blog. 

» How do you spend your free time?

• I spend it by – Playing Guitar, Net surfing (mostly 😛 ) ,Talking with friends….


Questions for the bloggers are ……

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Secret Smiles





“A Nightmare….”

He said….

She did….!!!

She predicted the things that was beyond

her imagination…

She regretted to do!

He forced…

She did for the love she owns..

He said for the fear he knows….

Finally the time came..!

She did what was her nightmare..

She got scared..

He came in the meantime..

Held her in his arms…

She cried…

He wiped the pearls coming from her eyes….

He kissed her forehead..

Heart beat increased…

Lastly she realised…

It was a nightmare not a dream..

Dream that she wished to come true..!!

The bond of soul!


A smile,

That was her power…


That was her Beauty

His silent tears…

With her eyes!

She wished,

To be with him!

His anger,

Which reflects love!!

His soul,

Her body…

Makes a perfect couple!

His beauty of love!!

The way he look at her!

The way he blushes!!

The way he see her…

She loved all!

A bond,

Made from above!!

A relation,

Which just set foot

An unbreakable bond!!

Those small fights!!

Those teasing,

Of them!!

Stands much above their


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The joy of togetherness!


Seeing that sun..
Reminds me of you!
Seeing those clouds..
Reminds me of you!
Those little rain drops…
On my palm..
Reminds me of your
Gentle touch!
That moon,
Those stars
Those clouds
In which I try to figure US!
That breeze,
Reminds me of your warmth!
That empty sky,
Those chirping….
All reminds me of that past!
The wave of breeze,
Which whispers your name!
That breeze which slightly takes my hair off!
Reminds of your touch!
Those still clouds reminds me,
Of the time when together!!!

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That hii!!
That gud Mrng wish!
That gud night wish !
on the silly things of mine!!
So eager to talk to u !!
Even forget the time!!
For hours we talk!!
Of the sillest topic…
But then too 

Those lanes now when I see!!!
I see flashes of past…
Holding hands…
Walking on the grass…
Lying on the grass!!
Seeing the moon that shines…
Just as us..!!
Memorizing all things!!!
But NOW lying alone in the grass…
And seeing the moon 
Finding it lost it’s 

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I lost you or it was just a dream!!


Those long chats!!!
Those late night talks!!
Unforgettable moments…
Watching sun rise…
From far of places!!
But can feel!!!
As we are together!
Those sleepless night!!!
Every second,every minute ,ever day….
I miss u now!!
Memories to cherish!!
But hate them as they just show flashes of past!!
Today too,
There are sleepless nights!!
Just you lost somewhere in between of things!
Today also there are sun rises…
Just I miss is what your presence!!
Swiping the pictures of memories,
I found I I lost you!
In the darkness of night!!
Coming to find you!!!
Coming to get all those memories where once I only lived!!
Will I get??
Moving towards your direction
Where I last saw you!!!
Suddenly someone called my name…
I turned around and found you!!!
My eyes opened .. and it was you
Waking me up with the morning kiss!!!
I rubbed my eyes…

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Waiting for YOU..


Blinked my eye!
And again started staring..
A pause!
Thinking of something!!
Every voice around me faded,
Like I’m the one in the whole world!!
Thinking of where?
Thinking of why??
Thinking of where I can’t…
Thinking of why did I??
And a hope that you’ll return,
That you’ll come back..
Waiting … waiting…
Just like
A small child waiting for his father to arrive,
Just like that… waiting…
A eye got still..
On the door,
A knock too.
Disturbed my silence…
But not effect…
No Tear…no emotions, no smile,
Like I paused myself..
Every people came to wake me up…
But nothing changed…
Give up! Move on !
This was all I can hear!
A voice stuck my ear…
Something which made me smile,
Something which gave me tears .
But this time of happiness…
Something that let me stop staring…
Yes, it’s the same voice..
Same voice,which…

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The way u changed


Hey!! When u told u are leaving..
I didn’t showed you any emotions..
But inside I was dying !!
I showed that I didn’t care!!
But I care a lot!!
I’d showed that I didn’t think about u
But always I did so!!
I’d showed I don’t believe you
But…. I believed u more than anything
I’d showed u were not that spcl
But actually u were…
Happily I sacrificed for you
But u didn’t understand
U just makes it a joke
And I too showed the same
But now I think I feel srry…
Why I didn’t showed u
I wish you could return
I’d tried calling u
Just to ask how are you?
But u didn’t picked up..!!
I’d tried messaging you!
Just to ask how are you…
But u didn’t reply
I’d tried to follow u
Byt u simply changed yur route
I want u back.!!!

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