Waiting for YOU..


Blinked my eye!
And again started staring..
A pause!
Thinking of something!!
Every voice around me faded,
Like I’m the one in the whole world!!
Thinking of where?
Thinking of why??
Thinking of where I can’t…
Thinking of why did I??
And a hope that you’ll return,
That you’ll come back..
Waiting … waiting…
Just like
A small child waiting for his father to arrive,
Just like that… waiting…
A eye got still..
On the door,
A knock too.
Disturbed my silence…
But not effect…
No Tear…no emotions, no smile,
Like I paused myself..
Every people came to wake me up…
But nothing changed…
Give up! Move on !
This was all I can hear!
A voice stuck my ear…
Something which made me smile,
Something which gave me tears .
But this time of happiness…
Something that let me stop staring…
Yes, it’s the same voice..
Same voice,which…

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