The way u changed


Hey!! When u told u are leaving..
I didn’t showed you any emotions..
But inside I was dying !!
I showed that I didn’t care!!
But I care a lot!!
I’d showed that I didn’t think about u
But always I did so!!
I’d showed I don’t believe you
But…. I believed u more than anything
I’d showed u were not that spcl
But actually u were…
Happily I sacrificed for you
But u didn’t understand
U just makes it a joke
And I too showed the same
But now I think I feel srry…
Why I didn’t showed u
I wish you could return
I’d tried calling u
Just to ask how are you?
But u didn’t picked up..!!
I’d tried messaging you!
Just to ask how are you…
But u didn’t reply
I’d tried to follow u
Byt u simply changed yur route
I want u back.!!!

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