I lost you or it was just a dream!!


Those long chats!!!
Those late night talks!!
Unforgettable moments…
Watching sun rise…
From far of places!!
But can feel!!!
As we are together!
Those sleepless night!!!
Every second,every minute ,ever day….
I miss u now!!
Memories to cherish!!
But hate them as they just show flashes of past!!
Today too,
There are sleepless nights!!
Just you lost somewhere in between of things!
Today also there are sun rises…
Just I miss is what your presence!!
Swiping the pictures of memories,
I found I I lost you!
In the darkness of night!!
Coming to find you!!!
Coming to get all those memories where once I only lived!!
Will I get??
Moving towards your direction
Where I last saw you!!!
Suddenly someone called my name…
I turned around and found you!!!
My eyes opened .. and it was you
Waking me up with the morning kiss!!!
I rubbed my eyes…

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