“A Conversation…”

A conversation…


Just a spend of time..!!

Together started…

Maybe together it will end.


Maybe we have to change our routes..

Many things to say,

Many things are awaiting to reveal….

Some feelings are lost!!

But some are burried deep inside…

Some have passwords…


Some are too tricky to say..!!

We had a time..

We had a spark…!!

Maybe it’s lost in some crowd..

Or maybe..,

It’s a trick of time!!

But those moments,

Will be cherished forever..!!


Some will lost their way!!

But some will be…In our hearts forever!!

Those…Tricky notes..

Those gestures of Pain..!!!

I promise,

We will find a way!!

Maybe..There will be no sunshine!


Maybe….They are not meant for us!!


I promise,

We will collapse “You and I”…,

To recreate the phase of “Us”..!!


A small collaboration by…

Me.. & Ishika.. πŸ


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